NaNoWriMo, Here We Go!

I’ve never done this before, but this year I’m joining in with NaNoWriMo. In case you’ve missed it, this is a month-long period of intensive writing to try to get the first draft of a novel onto paper.

Now, it has to be said that I’m sceptical about my chances. I have a full-time job. And some volunteer projects on the side. And occasional glimpses of a social life. So I’m not sure I’ll actually have met the word count by November 30th. However, I do know that I work well to deadlines, and thrive on setting myself goals. And I could always use a bit more motivation to be disciplined in my writing. I’m on schedule so far, but then it’s only day 5.

Anyone out there done NaNoWriMo before and have advice to share? Or let me know if you’re doing it this year too, and how you’ve found it so far. I haven’t signed up to the website, but am interested to know if anyone thinks it’s worth doing.


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo, Here We Go!

  1. anastasiabetts says:

    The best advice I have is commit to the daily writing no matter what even if it’s garbage. It’s more about building a non negotiable habit, at least for me it is. I also work a full and another last full time job. So I feel your pain…. :(. Writing and reading buddies help a lot. Good luck!!


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