Etymology in the Buffer Zone

One of my poems has been selected as Poem of the Month by Writer’s Edit!

The lovely people at Writer’s Edit are going to be publishing ‘Etymology in the Buffer Zone‘ on their site. I’ve really enjoyed working and corresponding with them over the last few weeks to get everything ready for this.

‘Etymology in the Buffer Zone’ came about after a trip Cyprus a couple of years ago. I was fortunate to be shown around the island by a wonderful Cypriot couple who had such a wealth of local knowledge to share. The wife told me the story of how her family were displaced by the invasion of 1974. Her childhood home sits in the buffer zone that separates the north and south of the island, and she has never been able to return.

There is so much depth and richness to Cyprus’s heritage. I wanted to write something that wove together the past and the present, the historical and mythological, while also showing the danger of trying to draw too much meaning out of ancient stories. So after playing around with linguistics, geography, history, politics and mythology, this poem was the result!

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