Novel Q&A with Children: The Important Questions

therunaway_covPeople ask you questions when you tell them you’ve written a book, but yesterday I did my most unusual Q&A session so far, with two children aged almost 6 and 3. I’m sure if they were old enough to have blogs, they’d be rushing to type up the interview we did, but for now here’s my transcript of the conversation.

6: What’s your story about?

Me: Well, it’s about a girl who runs away from home. But she soon finds out that wasn’t a very good idea. And some people go to look for her.

6: Does it have pictures?

Me: No, because it’s a grown up book and they’re boring and don’t normally have pictures.

6: Does she have a teddy bear?

Me: The main character? She doesn’t have a teddy bear because she’s a bit too old for that. But she has a cousin who’s 5 years old, who has a toy owl.

3: (with the persistence of Jeremy Paxman interviewing a politician) But does she have a teddy bear?

Me: Yes, the cousin also has a teddy bear.

6: I like writing stories too.

Me: Great! What do you like writing about?

6: All sorts of things.

At this point, my interviewers got distracted by jumping up and down on the sofa, so we wrapped it up here to focus on more important things, like who can jump the furthest.

Well, I expect that tells you all you need to know about my novel, The Runaway! Just in case it wasn’t quite enough, I’ll post some more info in due course, from the perspective of someone who has finished going to school.

The Runaway will be available from February 17th 2017 and is available to preorder from Lion Hudson, Foyles and Amazon.


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