A Writer’s Pep Talk

christmas lights, close-up, lights

You can do this. No really, you can.

I know, I know: the self doubt, the time restraints, the frustration you feel when your first draft isn’t award-worthy, but let’s just set that aside for a moment.

You have a story to tell. A bright, beautiful story bubbling away inside your imagination. And there’s a reason why you feel like you need to tell it. Think back to the books that changed your life. What if you were to make that difference for someone else? What if someone is wishing right now that there existed a book just like yours?

You love writing. That speaks volumes. There are a lot of people who hate the idea of it, but for some reason you find you’re happiest seeing the words flow onto the page, creating new worlds and adventures in ink.

You’ve worked hard at this, and that lends depth to your writing. Think about everything you’ve learned since you started, everything you’ve read to expand your knowledge and improve your craft. Don’t let yourself believe you’re no good at this. Instead, remind yourself that you are constantly gaining experience.

So don’t quit. Find yourself that quiet corner and start putting more words onto that page and watch it grow.

Write bravely. Write beautifully. Write.


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