Meet the Characters

Last week I introduced you to Rhiannon, the main character of The Runaway. Today, it’s time to meet a couple more of the characters.

Tom Davies and Callum Rees are unlikely friends. They’re almost opposites in character. Tom is reflective and hard-working, while Callum is self-absorbed and quick-tempered. But in the small village of Llandymna, you can’t be picky about your friends; if you don’t learn to get on with people you’ve nothing in common with, you’ll end up lonely.

Tom is a police officer, which until now has been a quiet job. Nothing much happens in this farming community in the hills. But when a local teenager goes missing, he gets drawn into investigating his own neighbours. And when he finally does uncover some evidence about what has happened to Rhiannon, he has some tough decisions to make about what to do with it.

Callum finds that the worst thing about living where you grew up is that people still see the child you once were. At twenty years old, he is fed up of not being taken seriously. It’s only a matter of time before he stands up for himself and says something. He knows Tom wouldn’t approve: Tom is always the one to tell him to calm down and think before acting. But a vanishing teenager will put everyone on edge, and this leads to Callum’s pride and impulsiveness boiling over at last with disastrous consequences. And when that happens, Callum is going to wish his best friend was anything other than a policeman.


The Runaway is available to pre-order now and hits the UK’s bookshelves on 17th February 2017.

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