Book Launch: The Runaway

I have a confession to make: before Saturday, I’d never been to a book launch event before.

I’ve been to book signings, author talks, literature festivals and readings, but the launch of a new book was something totally new to me.

So with little or no background knowledge, I figured it would be fun to do something to celebrate the launch of The Runaway.Β 

Last Saturday evening, we hired out Cielo, a lovely coffee shop in the centre of Leeds. They give away 100% of the profits they make, which I think is great, and was one of the key reasons I wanted to host the launch there. They also happen to make really good coffee and cakes.

And then people came and filled the venue! I cannot express how much it meant to me that friends, family, and even new people I’d never met before came along to hear about The Runaway.


Alas, at a book launch event, the author is expected to say something. So I had to overcome a long-held fear of public speaking to share why this story is important to me. But when the people you’re talking to are so cheerful and supportive, it makes it a lot easier.

After that, I learned that book signings areΒ a great way of making sure you get to speak to as many people as possible in a crowded coffee shop. However, it turns out I’m not so good at multitasking holding a conversation and writing my own name.


Thank you to everyone who came and made it a great night: I hope you enjoyed yourselves and that you get a few good hours’ reading with some coffee and cake soon as a result!

If you didn’t make it to the book launch but would still like a copy of The Runaway, it’s available online in paperback and Kindle formats. And I will happily sign it for you if we run into each other!

23 thoughts on “Book Launch: The Runaway

  1. lilhiddentreasures says:

    Congratulations on your book launch. Claire! I’m sure you did a great job holding a conversation and signing your name! It looks like it was a great evening for everyone who was there to help celebrate the launch of The Runaway. It must have been such an awesome night for you! Congrats!

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