Giveaway Time!

Who doesn’t love book-related freebies? I’m excited to announce my first giveaway!

The talented artist behind Funky Gibbons‘ crafts, jewellery and artwork (go check out her Etsy shop right now) has created Rhiannon’s pendant from The Runaway and it looks gorgeous!


The book opens and has real pages so you can write in it!

If you’ve read The Runaway, you’ll know that the three sections of the book are named after the charms on Rhiannon’s necklace. And for those who are interested in that kind of thing, each of them represents a theme from fairy tales that is explored in that section of the book.

In Key, Rhiannon describes herself as being like Rapunzel escaping her tower, as she herself runs away from what she thinks of as an oppressive family. But she soon discovers that getting away from a bad situation isn’t the same thing as finding freedom.

In Rose, the theme of relationships is explored. You might expect a traditional fairy tale romance plot line here, but this section exposes the strain on the characters’ relationships, and Rhiannon learns that what she really wants is simply to learn how to connect well and build friendships.

In Book, the theme of storytelling comes to the foreground, as not just Rhiannon but all the characters are shown to be telling stories in some way, and they learn how powerful their own voices are for good or for harm.

I’m giving away this beautiful pendant along with a signed copy of The Runaway to one winner. Head over to the Facebook page to enter the giveaway!

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