Do you have a long list of things you’ll do just as soon as life gets a bit less busy? Or is there one big dream you can’t seem to make time for?

Last night I spoke to a friend who’s planning a novel and needs time and space to actually write it. We talked about writing retreats and how they sound like a great idea! Imagine getting away and having nothing to do except write.

Anyway, this week I’m on a kind of retreat, although not of the tranquil, isolated variety where you live like a hermit in a log cabin until your manuscript’s complete. Nor is it what immediately springs to mind when I hear the word ‘retreat’, which is a Monty Python-esque group of knights running away from danger (or real world responsibilities) while shouting ‘retreat!’ to one another in panic.Β Instead, I’ve taken some time away from work to catch up with old friends.

I have a few books to get through while we’re here, because reading is another of those things I always wish I had more time for.


And when I’ve caught up onΒ all of that, it’s back to my current writing project. I’m on the second draft, so don’t have any words to share with you from it, but here are some photos from a location-scouting trip I took.




25 thoughts on “Retreat!

  1. noellekelly says:

    I’ve been thinking about going on a writing retreat a lot this week!!! Even if it’s only a day and night, I need to get my book edited and real life keeps getting in the way!


      • noellekelly says:

        Thanks Claire! My afternoon is free, so I’m planning to spend some time on it this afternoon and am dedicating as much time as I can on it, until it’s on better shape! I think giving myself a time goal is helping πŸ™‚


  2. Gabe Burkhardt says:

    I think I’ve been on a “retreat” for far too long. I think it’s time to get back to work, although… another week of quiet relaxation and contemplation might be just the ticket to get the creative juices flowing again.


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