Read the first chapter of A Map of the Sky (for free!)

With a couple of months to go until publication day, I’d not expected to be thinking too much about A Map of the Sky in July. But then some surprising things happened!

Firstly, the ARCs (that’s advance reader copies) got released, which means early reviews begin to appear. This is a nerve-racking time for any author. What will people think of my book? Someone once said writing a novel is like telling a joke and then waiting two years to find out if people think it’s funny. There’s only so long you can hold your breath before you start to feel a bit ill.

Well, that anticipation paid off! Here are some comments from Goodreads:

Such a heart-warming, satisfying read. Beautifully written and totally captivating. Outstanding. Will certainly look out for this author’s next offering.

This book is really beautiful. It tells the story through the eyes of an eleven year old boy trying to understand some very adult situations, circumstances and reasonings. This book is so well written with such care love and attention to detail. I’m sure everyone will be talking about this book this year.

I mean, I couldn’t have asked for more encouraging reviews if I’d written them myself. Delighted by this, I smiled to myself and got on with life. That’ll be it for a while, right? Well, no.

A Map of the Sky has been longlisted for The People’s Book Prize. This is a book prize voted for by the public, and focuses on new and emerging writers. This means you can be one of the judging panel and have a say in who wins!

Now obviously I can’t ask you to vote for my book before you’ve read any of it, can I? So I’m going to share with you a sneak preview and the first chapter for free! Step into the world of Kit Fisher, eleven year old explorer, as he finds himself uprooted to a windswept part of the North Yorkshire coast. Just click on the cover image below to start reading.

A Map of the Sky

If you enjoy reading these pages, I would really love it if you’d consider either voting in the People’s Book Prize, or pre-ordering the book. Or both, if you’re feeling particularly benevolent and want to make my day!

A Map of the Sky will be published on 20th September, 2019. It’s available to preorder now from most online book sellers.

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