therunaway_covThe Runaway

Winner of the 2017 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Gold Award for General Fiction

‘Fable intertwines with reality in Claire Wong’s The Runaway, an introspective journey into the heart and power of stories.’

Meagan Logsdon, Foreword Reviews

‘Claire Wong’s beautifully crafted debut both moved me and brought to life once again the power of storytelling.’

Susan Lewis, Sunday Times bestselling author

‘A really enjoyable, thoughtful, and touching novel that also has spark and humour – it feels like a modern fairy tale in the best possible way.’

Simon Thomas, Stuck in a Book

Shortly before her eighteenth birthday, Rhiannon Morgan runs away from the remote Welsh village of Llandymna.

Camping out in Dyrys Woods, she starts to make a new life for herself and she finds space for her active imagination to run wild, weaving together the stories she loves and memories of her past, including the mother she lost thirteen years ago.

Back in the village, Rhiannon’s disappearance triggers a series of events that uncovers the cracks in Llandymna’s quiet surface. Quick-tempered Callum finds himself reluctantly drawn into search parties, while a young police officer is forced to investigate his neighbours, and the village’s elderly story-teller hints at a secret that the older generation have kept for decades…

The Runaway is published by Lion Hudson. Order it here in paperback or for your Kindle!

A Map of the Sky

A Map of the Sky

Longlisted for the People’s Book Prize, Summer 2019

Kit doesn’t understand why his family has been uprooted to a remote coastal village in the North. Why did they leave so suddenly, and why has his Dad not joined them? At Askfeld Farm Guesthouse he meets an eclectic group of new neighbours and forms an unlikely friendship with Beth, who suffers from a chronic illness he does not understand.

Kit learns that Beth, who cannot leave the guesthouse, is trying to draw a map from memory that shows all her favourite childhood haunts. Kit makes it his quest to help her remember by visiting places for her and hopes to solve the problems of the other guests along the way.

But becoming a hero like the ones in his favourite books is trickier than it seems, especially when Kit has failed to grasp so much of what is happening around him… Can Kit work out that the person who really needs his help is much closer to home?

A Map of the Sky is available in paperback and e-book formats here.