Interviews with the author

Interview with Claire Musters

I thoroughly enjoyed this two-part interview by author and speaker Claire Musters. Part One is about poetry, becoming a writer an balancing it with a day job. Part Two is all about The Runaway.

Writer’s Edit: Poet of the Month

Click here to read my interview with Writer’s Edit in September 2016. This interview came after my poem Etymology in the Buffer Zone was named their poem of the month for August. In it, I unpack some of the inspiration and themes of the poem. It is, in fairness, one of the more complex poems I’ve ever … Continue reading Writer’s Edit: Poet of the Month


Whispering Stories

Whispering Stories book blog interviewed me about my writing life, my latest book, and some bizarre fun questions, like what I’d spend a million pounds on and the conversation I’d have with a talking duck! You can read the full interview here.

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