Writer’s Edit: Poet of the Month

Click here to read my interview with Writer’s Edit in September 2016. This interview came after my poem Etymology in the Buffer Zone was named their poem of the month for August.

In it, I unpack some of the inspiration and themes of the poem. It is, in fairness, one of the more complex poems I’ve ever written, and I’m aware it can be a bit confusing on a first reading because of the different time periods (today, the 1970s, and the time of ancient myth) and characters involved. But hopefully this will help!

I also got to reflect a bit on my background and style. Thank goodness for emailed interviews, where you have time to think about your answers! I don’t know how people do live interviews on TV or radio, I don’t think my brain would work fast enough to answer the questions that way.

I was also asked to give some advice for other writers. I gave quite a contrary answer! Well, I’m not sure I’m qualified to be giving out advice anyway. But it’s nice to be given the space to think about it.

In conclusion, being Poet of the Month was a fun experience all round!