Blog Tour Round Up

It’s two weeks since A Map of the Sky came out and I have honestly been blown away by the response so far! I never imagined there would be so many positive reviews, so many happy readers and so much press interest in this book.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part in the blog tour. Each blogger brought their own unique perspective on the book. It’s so interesting to see how people approach things, how they connect with different characters and themes.

Anyway, here are some highlights from the tour – comments that really made my day and hopefully give you a bit of a sense of what the book is like.

Steph wrote ‘I loved everything about this novel’ and it’s hard to ask for a better compliment than that! Brook Cottage Books suggested it would adapt well for television (so if you’re in TV and reading this, I look forward to hearing from you!) while Gemma over at Between the Pages Book Club declared Kit the cutest main character ever. That really made me smile!

‘Beautifully written, charming and a time of transition. Just positively lovely.’  – Susan Hampson | Books From Dusk Till Dawn

While some bloggers were drawn to the naive young protagonist Kit, others connected more with Beth, particularly in how she handled living with chronic illness. It meant so much to me that Nayu, who has firsthand experience of chronic illness, liked how Beth is portrayed in the book: ‘I loved her interactions with Kit, how her illness was shown on her rubbish feeling days, how what she could do and say changed on how she felt. It couldn’t have been written any better.’ 

‘An intimate, innocent, and discerning novel that takes a look at an issue that is not often talked about, and less understood – the nature of chronic illness and the effect it has on those whom it afflicts.’ – Rebecca Finlayson 

To read more from any of these bloggers, follow the links in this post to their blogs or find them on Twitter using the handles below. Tell them I said hi!

Map of the Sky Blog Tour_Instagram

To read it for yourself, order the book here in paperback or e-book format.

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