Sneak Preview of The Runaway’s Design

The first advance copy arrived! Ever since, I’ve mostly been gushing over the gorgeous design work Lion Hudson have done. When you spend years writing a story, seeing it turn into a book is one of the most rewarding things imaginable.

OK, I’m biased, but I hope you’ll agree that they have done an amazing job here. First of all there’s the front cover, which tells you so much not just about the setting of the novel, but also the feel of it. I love that sense of wonder and wistfulness as the central figure looks over her shoulder at the flying leaves.


And then there’s the picture of Rhiannon, the book’s protagonist, on the spine. It was so important to me that she wasn’t running off into the woods in a floaty white dress. She would like to think of herself as one of those Pinterest-worthy girls, but that divide between her ideal world and reality is something the book explores.


There’s a leaf motif throughout the book, which I absolutely love. It’s utterly spot on for the story. The flurry of autumn leaves from the front cover continues on the back.


That blurb made me want to read this, and I already have the whole story on my laptop. And they even got a lovely quote from Susan Lewis!

Inside the book, there’s this design on the pages introducing the three parts (because who doesn’t love a three act drama?)


Look at that leaf image! It repeats throughout the book with each of the chapter headings too.


Seriously, I don’t think I can speak highly enough of what Lion have done here. They’ve transformed my manuscript into a beautiful book. So much so that today’s shameless plug isn’t for my novel, it’s for them. Hop over to their website and see what other lovely things they have created for you to read. I’m thinking of treating myself to something from their historical fiction section.

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